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Below, you will find some tips we've gathered while on the road.  These mostly have to do with our travels through South America, but can apply in other countries.  We will update this as new little nuggets of info come our way.

Guys and Girls: shaving oil is affordable and long lasting.  It works just like shaving gel, but takes up much less space and a few drops do the trick.   

Girls: If your boyfriend is sick in Brazil with a fever and you borrow a thermometer from your host, make sure it's an oral thermometer before you stick it in his mouth.  If could be one that your host sticks in his armpit to take his temperature, not in his mouth.  Sick boyfriends don't enjoy this.

In summertime South America, leave 75% of your makeup at home.  No foundation.  It is too humid to even think about using.  Stick to powder (use sparingly), mascara, and blush.

Guys:  if you want to blend, leave the baseball hat at home when you go to Europe.  Also leave behind your running shoes, Americans are the only ones that wear those out and about.  I suggest grabbing a pair of comfortable Pumas.

In Brazil: Police officers speed aroud town in their cars with their automatic rifles and hand guns hanging out the window, all the time.  This is normal, they're not out to get you.

It is legal to run all red lights in Rio past 10pm.  This is due to safety concerns of getting car jacked at night, but the Cariocas also run red lights when it's early in the morning, a Sunday, or there aren't as many people around.  If you get pulled over for a traffic offense (from speeding to a DUI) a 50 reais (approx. $30) bribe will get you off the hook.

When parking your car leave it in neutral with the parking brake off.  This way, people can move your car to make their car fit in behind you.  This is also common in parking garages.

Sunscreen!  Even on cloudy days you can get easily burnt.  You are close to the equator and the sun's rays are stronger, be careful.


New Words! by Stefani Hedin and Chris Looney

These are the new words we learned along the way...

In Argentina:

calzones (pr. cal-zone-es) not a pizza. boxer shorts, male underwear

In Brazil (they speak Portuguese, by the way):

zapatone (pr. zop-a-tone) - literally means ´big shoe´ but is a slang term for a lesbian

choradinha (pr. 'chor-a-deen-ya) - literally means "little cryer".  Use this word when you want a few more drops in your glass of cachaca, bascially you're saying "fll it up"

jeitinho - the Carioca way of getting what you want.  Basically means if you push hard enough, you can bend any rule or restriction in your favor

para viagem (pr. pa-ra vi-a-ja) - ordering your food to go

bunda (pr. boon-dah) - a woman's butt

choppe (pronounced 'shope') - draft beer (order this in any cafe/restaurant as most have just one type of draft beer)

queijo (pr. kay-chjo) - cheese!

atun (pr. a-chune) - tuna

mierda (pr. mee-air-da) - shit (learned this when we went to a block party in Ipanema called Que mierda es esta? or, What shit is this?... true story)


cardapio - menu