The beers of South America


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This page is to provide a list of the various beers I've sampled in South America along with some sort of ranking system that will probably turn out to be a jumbled mess.

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Austral - Just another run-of-the-mill South American beer. Chile has great seafood though. Maybe that just overshadowed the beer. Seriously, some of the best seafood I've ever had. That says a lot coming from someone who's lived in Hawaii. To be fair, Austral has at least a few different varieties and I've only tried one that I can think of. This has been mostly wine country for us. I guess I should start a page for that too.

 Escudo - This is the worst beer I've ever had in my life.








 Beer is slightly cheaper in Argentina than in Brazil. The average so far has been a little over one dollar US for a twelve oz. beer, but it is usually purchased by the liter. Actually they claim it to be a liter, but the bottles I've bought typically range from 0.93 L to 0.985 L. It is basically more of the same as far as taste goes when compared to the Brazilian beers sampled.



Schneider - There are three different types, but I've only had one. The rubia (Spanish for blonde) was what they served at the bar of the first hostel we stayed at in Buenos Aires. It is 4.7% alcohol and a mixture of lager and German pilsner types of beer. They also make fuerte (Spanish for strong), which is 6% alcohol and negra (Spanish for black), which is claimed to be the only true black beer of Argentina.



Founded in 1888 by a German immigrant in Buenos Aires, Quilmes boasts a variety of types of beers. Lagers, bocks, pilsners, stouts and for some reason a non-alcoholic brew that won't be mentioned further on this website. The most prevalent one is Quilmes Cristal, which is a lager. I liked it better than Schneider. The stout didn't really seem like a stout to me. It was much lighter than a Guiness and a little lighter than a Smithwick's.



Iguana Cerveza - It's another one from Quilmes. It tastes like almost every other beer I've had on this trip, but it gets its own write-up because it has a cool name and I only saw it in one place.


Beagle beer - They have rojo (red), rubia (blonde) and negra (black). All of the three types of beer have a generous alcohol content (5.8% - 7.8%). The best beer I had in Argentina. It is brewed in Ushuaia and they just started brewing it in June 2003. It's named after the HMS Beagle that carried Charles Darwin through the area in 1831 


 Antales beers (Not Pictured) - I couldn't find a picture for this beer. It is brewed at a restaurant / bar / brewery in Bariloche. It comes in the typical range found at any micro-brew restaurant. To me, it tastes just like all microbrews as well. It wasn't bad, but I just don't have much to say about it. Now that I think about it, I'm probably not the most qualified person in the world to judge various beers. Either I like it or I don't. I probably should have made a rum page instead.



 Before I got sick I sampled a handful of beers in Brazil. Some were good, one sucked and one left no impression. They were all pilsners. If you are a beer snob, you probably wouldn't care much for these as they were equivalent to most domestic beers in the U.S. Hopefully I will have updates with a greater variety soon.

Bohemia - This is the best beer I've had so far and the most expensive. I think it was about $2.25 US. Of course the prices go up depending on what type of bar you are at.


 Skol - Skol was good. It reminded me of Miller Lite. It was sold all over the place during Carnival and was very refreshing on a hot day. It is the best selling beer in Brazil and it is owned by Carlsberg. The ad for Skol on the right loosely translates to, "if the guy who invented the censor bar drank Skol, it would have looked like this."


Antarctica - This beer left me with no real impression. I had already had a handful of Skols and one Bohemia, so that might have had something to do with it. It really just tasted like water though...kind of like Bud Light.



Itaipava - Of all the Pilsners I had, (which more or less tasted the same), I liked this one the least. It was the only beer they sold at the soccer game. So, I have had several to base this opinion on.